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About Marisol

State Senator Marisol Alcántara is a longtime labor organizer, community organizer, and activist who has devoted her life to empowering low income communities, women, workers, and immigrant New Yorkers. Since immigrating to the United States at the age of 12, she has seen firsthand the problems facing New York City and State, from underfunded schools and public services, to insufficient protections for workers and immigrants, to a healthcare system that leaves many behind.
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  1. Immigrant Rights --Dream Act
  2. Reproductive Rights--Comprehensive Contraceptive Coverage Act and Reproductive Health Act
  3. Health--New York Health Act
  4. Criminal Justice Reform--Cash Bail and Speedy Trial
  5. Voter Reform--early voting, automatic registration, no excuse absentee ballot
  6.  Affordable Housing--vacancy decontrol, preferential rent loophole, and vacancy bonus
  7. Environment--Climate and Community Protection Act, Surplus Food Donation Act, prohibit oil and gas drilling in coastal areas
  8. Farmworkers Fair Labor Practices Act
  9. Campaign Finance Reform--public financing system, punish undisclosed "self-dealing", close LLC loophole
  10. Gun Control--prohibit bump stocks, establish extreme risk protection orders
  11. Companion Animal Protection – protection of companion animals on airlines


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The politically influential labor union 1199SEIU on Monday endorsed Sen. Marisol Alcántara’s re-election campaign.

Marisol's Impact

From funding the Immigration Defense Fund to bringing legal services to our neighborhoods, Senator Alcántara is on the forefront of supporting the constituents in her district in their struggles.
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Million Dollars Secured

To fund the Immigrant Defense Fund to bring free legal services to immigrants in our neighborhoods.





In resources from the state for community-based organizations. 





Bills passed, sponsored or

During her first term as Senator, covering a vast spectrum which includes immigration, environmental, domestic violence, suicide prevention and mental health services among them.  



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