Legislative Accomplishments 

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  •  Passed legislation that mandates our courts translate all documents related to cases of domestic violence.
  • Passed 12 bills in the New York State Senate, of which 7 were signed into law by our Governor.
  • In 2017 Senator Alcántara championed a bill to increase the cap on NYC agency contracts for MWBEs from $25,000 to $150,000
  • Kokito Law- Would bar pets from being placed in overhead bins, ensure pet passengers have the same rights as human passengers, demand that cargo areas are pressurized, ventilated, and climate controlled, and hold airlines to a number of other basic safety standards.
  • Recently her bill to protect public unions in the state from the damage the Supreme Court decision on the Janus vs ASFCME case is expected to cause.
  • Passed a legislation that will require the state department of education to develop suicide prevention materials for educators and create a central website of mental health resources for schools across the state. This law will benefit all New York students struggling with mental health issues, but is of particular concern for Latino students, as they have a higher risk of suicide and depression
  • Proposed bill that requires the disclosure of prices and additional charges at appearance enhancement businesses which practice nail specialty
  • Passed bill that relates to opportunities in the city of New York for minority and women-owned business enterprises


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  • Passed Bill that was signed into law relates to the composition of an advisory panel on employee-owned enterprises within the division of small business services; repealer
  • Passed Bill that relates to enforcement action that can be taken by the commissioner of health to act when areas of lead poisoning are designated
  • Proposed bill that requires a purchaser of any firearm, rifle or shotgun to submit to a mental health evaluation
  • Proposed bill that relates to removing the requirement that student without a lawful immigration status must file an affidavit committing to obtaining a lawful immigration status
  • Proposed bill that protects non-purchasing senior citizens threatened by eviction pursuant to a cooperative/condominium conversion plan
  • Proposed bill that requires landlord to grant access to engineer or architect hired by tenants to inspect major capital improvements in certain multiple dwellings
  • Proposed bill that prohibits the imposition of any charge or fee on the telephone bill of a consumer when such fee is imposed by a third party, without the consent of the consumer
  • Proposed bill that relates to access to appropriate drugs at reasonable prices, formulary exceptions, standing prior authorizations and external appeals
  • Proposed bill that provides tax abatement related to the removal of leaded paint